Top converting markets

For the last two years our English markets (UK, SG, AU, NZ, ZA) and Arabic ones (SA, OM, QA, KW, BA and UAE) continue to stand out as top converting with our partners working with Forex and Binary options traders.

Pay for Eligible Leads

Most of our partners told us that the leads in their channels are not qualified or invalid and they need more transparency in their pipeline. This is why our partners are paying us for real, verified and branded leads only.

In-house Production

Keeping things in house means for us independence in terms of deadlines and quality because the short communications routes give us an opportunity to be more flexible, fast and transparent with our partners.

Easy-going Process

Our lead generation takes little time to launch (1-3 days) but it took us two years to master it. We are striving to supply the very best results and experience for our partners because we are dedicated to long lasting partnerships.

LeadsMedia ... leads to your success.

LeadsMedia is a full service marketing agency that helps financial companies, with special focus on Forex, Binary Options and telemarketing. We introduced a new approach to lead generation that relies on highly targeted traders, on-demand lead generation based on broker's specifications and high-end service. In short: We can help grow a better pipeline with fresh leads so your sales agents can spend more time selling.

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Our team is full of ambitious and motivated people, dedicated to accomplish the goals set by our clients. By using an optimal pre selling script incorporating value proposition language, we are striving to generate more meaningful conversation than your Sales agents can handle. We have created a easy going and efficient work process, which ensures transparent terms for doing business.

Alaa Yusef

Arabic Desk Manager
Alaa’s main responsibilities include – lead generation, training of new employees in this department and scheduling daily distribution plan.

Emma Lopez

Spanish Desk Manager
Emma is supervising the work load during the shifts, creating the schedule for the rest of the team and creating reports based on the daily results of each campaign.

Anna Kolesnikovaya

English Desk Manager
Anna is responsible for lead generation, organization and distribution of the monthly targets and acquiring new assets for the English Department.

Haled Salman

Operation manager
His main duties include evaluating job performance of each and every employee, reviewing the work reports of every department and participation in the selection of hiring new staff.

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